Visual artist & muralist


Hey! My name is Juliandra Jones, also known as PBJ Customs because YES, I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! PBJ really stands for Peanut Butter and Jewelee (Juli).


I am a self-taught artist from Las Vegas, NV. After obtaining my degree in Criminal Justice and Pre-Law from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2014, I moved to Pittsburgh, PA where I began to explore social justice through my artwork.

I have shown my pieces at various exhibits including the Canvas of Words Series, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Showcase Noir (Pittsburgh, PA), Double Mirror Exhibit Southside Art Crawl (Pittsburgh, PA), and RAW Artists presents: MAGNIFY (Pittsburgh, PA).

As well as exhibiting my work, I have also participated in performance art shows where I paint live while interacting with audiences. I have done this in shows including The Black Student Unions’ Sip & Paint (Binghamton, NY), Canvas of Words College Tour (Erie, PA), and FreshFest DigiFest (Pittsburgh, PA).