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Pop Up with PBJ

Pop Up with PBJ

A mobile art studio traveling to provide free art workshops for students

Presented by Juliandra Jones,
Founder & Lead Artist at PBJ Customs.

The goal of "Pop Up with PBJ" is to provide easier access to art classes and workshops that are not fully available to children in school, especially in predominately Black communities, and to show the youth that you can be a successful artist if you want to be and you should never give up on your dreams. Growing up, I was always told that "Art is not a real career." I now want to be a support system for any child that wants to pursue a creative endeavor, or those wanting a positive outlet and a way to express themselves through various mediums that they may not have had previous access to.

The renovations to the RV are currently in progress. My goal is to start these workshops by late summer/early fall 2023. 

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